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Post  Medalgod on Fri Dec 04, 2009 11:24 pm

Edit: The following is obsolete as we are now on TS3 Smile

Due to randomers recently wandering onto our server quite as bit, we have changed our setup to prevent them from being annoying.
Take the following steps to use our new 'anti-randomer' protection :p

- Log onto TS (without a logon/pass)
- Go Self > Register With Server
- Make up a login name & a password.
- Click register
- You will hear 'Registration Complete' if all went well.
- Now go Connection > Connect & make the following changes:
> Anonymous => Registered
> Login name => Your new login name
> Password => New Password
> Check Auto-Reconnect
> Default Channel => "Modern Warfare 2" (without the "'s)

Hit connect, you should now have connected to a server and been put in a new channel, you should however notice that if you speak, TS doesnt actually register you as speaking, and nobody can hear you talk in this 'Moderated' channel.
Players with a 'V' permission (or higher such as O CA or SA) are allowed to speak.
Do not revoke your V permission, if you revoke it and an admin cannot be bothered to give it you back, you cannot speak - simple as.

To gain the 'V' permission please speak to Medalgod or Zerggie (server admin's), or anybody with O, SA or CA privileges.

Note that if you are in any other channel (ones without the 'M' flag) people without the 'V' flag can still talk, so if you want to talk to your friends using TS that is fine, but you will have to do so in a different channel.

This protection should fix the issues we have with randomers coming online whilst maintaining our servers openness (in that we can still use it to talk to non-clan members if we wish to).

Please update your configuration to take advantage of the new configuration,


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