Nice software for Windows xp users....

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Nice software for Windows xp users.... Empty Nice software for Windows xp users....

Post  [M&Z]BloodF!re on Sun Oct 18, 2009 2:32 pm

heya guys i founded some nice software for xp, like windows vista menu, rocketdock [from apple, but then for windows], and an shutdown button.

1st, the windows vista start.

this vista start might coming handy because it looks nice and has an fast index searcher.
here is an screenshot, from the start and rocketdock, and the shutdown button.
Nice software for Windows xp users.... Image110

this is pretty nice to it's been stolen from apple but that doesnt matter,
just drag all ur icons on the docklet and thats it!
you can change many settings, just try it!

shutdown button:
as you all know my trusted xp users [and vista btw, but it doesnt work for vista somehow],
when you want to shutdown ur pc, you need to do it with start->shutdown->etc...etc....
well with my button not anymore!
just click on it an it will shutdown immediately!

download links:
shutdown button= shutdown.exe.html[

Enjoy it!

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