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Post  Medalgod on Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:58 am

OK, so first of all you might be wondering what F@H is, so here you go:
F@H is a system of distributed processing, where you run a program in the background when you're not using your computer and it uses the wasted processing power of either your graphics card or CPU (your choice) to solve basic biological problems in an effort to solve disceases such as cancer. Their homepage has more on this.

Note that for anyone with a PS3 - you can also 'fold' on your PS3, using it's idle processing time to do the tasks and gain the points for the team:)

I also wanted to point out that there is an active competition to see what team can do the most processing - and inside each team who can do the most folding Smile

As a gaming clan, it's likely that most of our members will have powerful graphics card's , so i'll quickly outline the setup of this client.
Note that there are also CPU clients, mac clients, and a PS3 client, but most of you will want to run the GPU client, so this is the guide to do so:

ATi & Nvidia Gfx cards:
1. Download
2. Install it
3. Run it, and the initial setup will pop up
4. Under the User Tab:
-User Name: Enter Your In Game Name (Mine is Medalgod)
-Team Number: 173056
It's important you enter that team number, if you dont, your points won't go to the IGF team!
-Passkey: *Leave Blank*
5. Under Connection:
Leave all settings alone unless you know you require special settings
If you have a large amount of RAM in your system, check the box at the bottom to accept large workloads Smile
6. Under Advanced:
Leave all alone except the checkpointing frequency, if you will be running the program in between games, whilst browsing the internet etc you may want to move the slider more to the left - but if you will be doing overnight runs or cases where the program will be running for a few hours at a time, leave this at the default or move it further to the right Smile
7. Click OK and let the folding commence Smile

How to pause & resume processing:
To ensure that the program does not affect gaming, you do the following before playing a game:
right click on F@H the icon in the bottom right of your screen and click 'Pause work'.
Play your game...
When your finished playing resume processing where you left off by doing the same, but clicking 'resume' Smile

Hopefully we'll have several of you take this up and we'll be able to compete with other teams and see if we can rank highly Razz
Good luck & Have Fun saving lives

Our Team Statistics Page is:
So there you are, lets see where things go Smile

P.S Statistically one or more of us will get one of the disceases this program helps to solve - so if u wna not kill eachother, do this shieeet! Razz


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Folding @ Home - IGF Team Empty Re: Folding @ Home - IGF Team

Post  Medalgod on Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:21 am

HowTo Run F@H on your CPU:
All steps the same as GPU, except the client that you download, instead of the GPU client get this:
The process for pausing and resuming is the same, and the rest of the install process is the same also!

This is the single core CPU client, if you would like to run on a dual core processor (using both of these procesors), then you will want an SMP client, or multiple console single core clients.

Note that if you want high efficiency over a flashy interface, the console application below is slightly more efficient that the GUI one above (and also supports running more than one instance).

Multiple Console Clients:
1. Download
2. Extract once to C:\F@H\A
3. Extract a second time to C:\F@H\B
4. Run the .exe in the A directory
5. Fill in the details, same as GPU client (remember team ID etc...)
6. Once all data is entered the process should start - write down the Machine ID ( you may have to scroll up to find it)
7. Run the .exe in the B directory
8. Fill in all the details the same
BUT THIS TIME!!!!!!!!------under the advanced settings, set the machine ID number to something different than the 'A' one so that A&B cann differentiaite between one another Smile
9. Make shortcuts to each of the A & B executables on your desktop.

When you're not using your computer, fire these 2 .exe's up and let the folding take place
If you want more than 2 (e.g. 4) just do the same, but have 4, A, B, C & D and have different Machine ID's for all of them

If you have a quad core you could have 4 of these, 2 running in the background all the time (even whilst gaming :p) and the other 2 to fire up overnoght etc etc :p

There is also an SMP client, but it's a little tricky to set up, and with the console method allowing you to specify the number of cores you want used (i.e. how many console's you have open) its far more functional. If you want the SMP client you can get it, but I won;t be writing a guide on how to set it up Smile


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