Application, I guess...

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Application, I guess... Empty Application, I guess...

Post  iCuUDntCme on Sun Sep 27, 2009 6:15 pm

*In game name: iCuUDntCme
Real name: just call me Rado
*Age: 15/1 month and 16
*Country: Bulgaria... I sometimes might be in Scotland too
*Do you have microphone/Teamspeak? That my friends I have, the problem is I usually play alone in maps and I rely on sound
*Spoken to us before? I did, yall are good people, not like framez... *call me whatever you want but I bet my life on it... they freakin wallhack
MSN: Don`t have any... I dislike it
E-mail: (please don`t abuse and spam stuff.. I know the mod and he can get you in trouble)
How Often You Play: if I`m lucky ( no homeworks/exams) around 5 hours a day.. if not... limited playtime to max 2h
Noob? Razz
Noob, anyone can be noob.. depends on the situation/game connection/ being high*not recommended or just hasn`t warmed up... Sometimes I do 16/1 sometimes I do 5/12
My personal record was 238 kills in TDM Crash map. As for the death count, around 140 ( not pretty sure.. didn`t pay attention after I saw kills...)
I don`t claim to be Pro, but I was never dumb enough to rush in with grenade in my hand and die a horrible and disgraceful death as 1 player I noticed doing not once but twice in a roll.

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Application, I guess... Empty Re: Application, I guess...

Post  Medalgod on Sun Sep 27, 2009 6:18 pm

OK, we'll try you out.
Join us on TS so we can talk.
the TS Ip is on the homepage of the website, if you are unsure of how to connect to TS see:

Thanks for your application and hope to see you on TS soon!


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